Theme Park

Goals & Guidelines

  1. Create Mexico’s First Theme Park​
  2. Live, Work, Play​
  3. Oasis in the Tequila Valley / Safe / Beautiful​
  4. Profitable, Self-Sustainable​
  5. Job Creation, Social Responsibility​
  6. Eco-Friendly and Green​
  7. Celebrate Mexican Heritage and People​
  8. Project will Target Locals and Tourists​
  9. Use 21st Century Technology​
  10. Number-One High-Quality Tourist Destination in Mexico



Real Estate Development

Live, work and Play

  • Mexico’s first major theme park, a world-class international entertainment destination
  • A peaceful, safe, traffic-free oasis in the heart of Mexico
  • A community of architectural waterfront homes and beautiful apartments just steps from office towers and entertainment
  • Puts Mexico at the international forefront of urban planning, city beautification and modernization
  • It’s an opportunity engine, creating thousands of long-term jobs across a vast array of skill sets
  • Exciting, bold, beautiful design to attract companies to the area
  • A source of pride for the Mexican people
  • A green, sustainable showcase which will inspire cities worldwide

  • Home to the first L.I.V.E. Centre — a new generation town center and the future of retail with anchor attractions instead of anchor stores
  • Cutting-edge technologies create a new class of attractions never seen or experienced before
  • The project will make global news from the moment it’s announced, giving Mexico a rare, long-term opportunity to showcase its many strengths and solidify its reputation to a worldwide audience who’ll be paying close attention. 
  • An economic engine, driving tourism that will spread throughout the country 
  • Gives the world a compelling, all-new reason to visit Mexico


Let’s Get Started

Give the world a compelling

all-new reason to visit Mexico